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ERMS Math Resources - Roosevelt Middle School ERMS Math Resources. Green – Newsletter – Ch 7 · Green – Newsletter – Ch 8 · Green – Newsletter – Ch 9 · Green – Newsletter – Ch 10. 7th Grade RED. BOOM Feeny. Jeb has to pay a plumber $65 to come to his house and $40 per hour after that. How many hours did the plumber work if Jeb paid him $325? Jon has to pay $7.00 admission for the skating rink and $1.50 per hour to rent rollerblades. Feeny Math Resources Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Use Order of Operations to simplify. 99 8742 2–3 Use Order of Operations to simplify. 11 23 – 30 ÷ 59 Use Order of Operations to simplify. 252 522 x. 833 7 Divide. Express your answer in simplest form. 17 11 ÷ 2 1 2 Jim had $3,067.48 in his checking account. He wrote a check to pay for two airplane tickets.. Feeny Math Resources Name: Weekly Math Homework – Q1:3 Teacher: Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday The perimeter is 36. What does x have to be? Write and solve an equation −6 = 2 9 T Jeb has to pay a plumber.

−2𝑥𝑥 8 = −26 A plumber charges $65 for a diagnostic check. After the check, it is $85 per hour for the work. With $320 in your wallet, how many hours of work can you afford? An electrician charges $50 to make a house call and. Feeny Math Resources ID Name: Weekly Math Homework - 7 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 1. TEKS 6.10A 6. TEKS 6.10A.

Feeny Math Resources Name: Weekly Math Homework – Q2:4 Teacher: Mrs. Clark Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Write an expression to represent how much shorter the base is 20 35 2 Using your work from area of. Ed earns about $8 per hour helping out neighbors. Write an equation to show how many hours she needs to work and earn $86. Write an equation to show how many hours she needs to. Jon walked 8 miles in 3 hours. Jim walked 14 miles in 5 hours. Are these rates in proportion? If no, who walked faster? Does this graph represent a proportional relationship? As the same currency exchange as. Feeny Math Resources Answer Key - Weekly Math Homework - Q1:2 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday If 53x – 7 = 20, then what is 6x – 8? 1 14 A twelve-hour clock is set at the correct time on the afternoon of May 17.

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